I am a Master of…

9 06 2011

Procrastination. Many people do it, including me. I usually do it when i am studying. Or doing homework :X. Even while writing this post right now, i am still doing it. It sorta is a bad habit of mind, which i hope i can get rid of. It would be really good if i could. Because of this habit, all my homework is last minute or may even require me to burn midnight oil. I do not know if this is a good thing or not, as usually when i do things at the last minute, it seems to turn out better…most of the time. For studying, i dont think it will be of much help though. It may turn out better for many people as well, as when we do things at the last minute, our minds will force us to complete it, where as if we do it earlier, we may just do a sloppy job out of it just to get it over with. I am very sure that is just stupid warped logic, but that is just what i feel. If i could get rid of it, i think it will help me to get more sleep, and get much better grades than what i am getting now, or at least the work i am producing. For these blogposts, i do not mean to procrastinate, but i feel that it would be rather meaningless to just ramble nonsense, or at least without having the heart to write something.

This may be the last blog post for storytelling, however it may is not the end for this wordpress. I may blog whenever i get the feeling or to relive some problems i am facing.

I have learnt many things from the past storytelling lessons, which i feel can benefit me in my future and will miss all our lessons. We may be studying, but it sure does feel FUN and EXCITING! I feel that learning this way is the more beneficial to the student. Fun is usually left out in lessons by most teachers as they are afraid that it will overthrow the teachers themselves. But for good students like us 😀 we know when it is time to turn on our SERIOUS mode. And you as a teacher knows how to divide the fun and work, maybe more towards the fun but it still works out very well i shall say 😀 Okay im gonna end this post now.


Why I Chose DVFX

2 06 2011

Well, this post will be about why i decided to choose DVFX as my course, and put it as first choice.

My interest may have been sparked when i was young, and would see movies and their special effects, thinking how cool it was. And as i got older, i began to watch behind the scenes of special effect movies to understand how it was really filmed and edited to get the effect we all see on screen. Then, as i got even older, i got my hands on adobe (need not elaborate 😀 ). as so i began to try it out. i started with photoshop, and would watch YouTube tutorials to learn the basics and more.

On YouTube, i also found out about after effects and what people were able to create with it. So, i began to watch tutorial videos and try it out as well. I had to admit it was pretty tedious having to edit everything frame by frame to ensure that everything was in place and that it looked realistic. I wanted to learn more about video editing, however the better effects and templates required money and membership to be able to view or download.

Therefore, when i discovered that there was a Digital Visual Effects course, and after gaining more information on what the course is about, i decided that it was what i wanted and here i am now!

Computer Life

25 05 2011

The Computer. It has been in my life since i could ever remember. It has witnessed the many different stages of my life…well, at least the few stages that i have been through.

When i was young, i would use the computer to play Cd games. But at that time, the computer was just a past-time. Then, i would much rather go out and play downstairs or watch cartoons on the television. But slowly as i grew older, especially my late primary school years, i began to let the computer creep a little too much into my life. The time i spent on the computer began to grew, like a parasite living within me, feeding on my time.

MAPLESTORY. I am sure many people know of this game. This is one of the causes of my addiction to the computer. I was introduced to the game when i was around primary 5-6 and that was the start of it all. At first, i would only play when my friend played as i was not familiar with the game. However, as i began to explore the game and became more used to it, day by day, the time i spent on the computer was increasing. Everyday after school, i would just sit in front of the computer for hours till it was dinner time, where after that i would have to study due to my parents. After a while, my father became aware of my computer addiction, and he stopped it by installing a software which limited the amount of internet which could be used each day. So whenever the time is used up, the internet connection would be cut. I still had to split it with my 2 other brothers! I was so crazy that i bought the time to use the internet from my brothers. Yes i know, very very crazy. It eventually led to my internet connection being cut :(. But after much persuasion, i managed to get my father to re-sign the internet. It was when i was in primary 6 when things were the most serious. I began to sneak up in the middle of the night and use the computer. Usually 2-4am, then i would play till school was about to start and then i would sneak back into bed. However, of course my parents found out about this in the end, and once again, my internet was cut! (That period was also my O level period!)

However now, i have begun to control my computer addiction, and get out of the house once in a while. So, this is how the computer has affected my life thus far. Who knows how it would shape my life in the future!

Shadows of the Mind

18 05 2011

Have you ever wished you were abducted by aliens?? Or got chased by some freak-ass creepy monster??

Well, i have. I have always had a wild imagination since i was a kid. I also had big dreams, and hopes for the future! Like when i was young, i wished i could be a scientist or a artist. But as i got older, reality hit me and those dreams slowly slipped out of my mind, out of my world…

However, the wild imagination in me still lives on. Maybe i have been watching too much sci-fi and mystery movies and television programs, that have filled my mind with all these images and thoughts of the unknown, and what is beyond human understanding.

I have been and still am a fan of the unknown , and sometimes it makes me just wish that i run into an elf in a middle of a forest or fall into a hole leading to an undiscovered civilization, living right below our feet. Yes, i may some like some crazy guy, talking about stuff you usually hear a five-year old talking about. But hey, i dont mind having a wild imagination like a five-year old. I know many people out there do too. Maybe even YOU! (Yes, you.) But think about it. Discovering the Unknown… doesn’t that sound interesting to you?? FInding out something that you never even thought was possible. The Horizon of your mind will just expand to infinity.

But sometimes, this wild imagination of mine also have its negative side to it. Like when trying to attempt to do or try something new or scary, it will fill my mind with negative thoughts. For example, going onto a stage to do a speech. My mind will be filled with images of ” What will happen if i fall, if i stutter, if i lose my voice” and many other horrifying thoughts which would affect my decision of what i may be doing. But i guess this kind of thoughts are common in humans, right? Thats what makes us Humans!

(Im not high or anything)

Okay, i guess i shall change my topic now. Well, recently i have been rather busy, with the start of poly. After the homework starts coming in, time seems to pass extraordinary fast. This is no joke! For example, i receive a homework on a tuesday, and then in a blink of an eye, its already monday, and i haven’t done the homework! Maybe its because i go cycling every week, which will take up almost half a day. Recently my friends and I have begun to do long distance cycling. Last tuesday, we cycled to LakeSide from ChoaChuKang. And then, on the same week, on Saturday, we cycled to AngMoKio to eat TziChar for dinner, and after playing an hour of pool, we cycled back. The Entire Journey including the slacking in between took around 7-8 hours. On the way back, I saw people selling contraband cigarettes! By the roadside! I have never encountered this before, so this is a first time experience. This Friday, will be another challenge for me and my friends! We will be cycling to Geylang! Maybe for dinner or supper, depending on how long it takes us.

I guess this shall be all for todays post. Cya~~~~~~

Random Rambles of a guy…ME!

4 05 2011

Okay, so i will be doing my first official post of my wordpress now. I have no idea what i want to write in this post for the past few days, so i have been delaying it till right now, although i have not come up with anything yet. I do not even know why i am choosing to do it now, in the middle of the night, after my canoeing training and have not even had my bath yet. But since i have begun, i may as well continue and see if i may come out with something to say that will not bore everyone who may read this post.

So, today my canoeing training was pretty hellish like it was the previous week. Maybe its cause i am weak or something, but i still feel that doing hundreds of push-ups is not something an average person would be able to do. But after the training, i will feel a sense of satisfaction for having survived :).

Its’s like…” Push-ups position DOWN!”

*Do until 50 push-ups* *panting already*

“What?! I cannot hear you all count! START FROM ZERO!”

“WHAT THE!!!!”

*Does another 50 push-ups* *Soul pretty much leaving body*

*Why kness on the ground!! Re-start from 30!”

and this is pretty much how it goes throughout the training, with other exercises not mentioned. This is also how we may only count up to only 100 push-ups while in actual fact, we already did 300. But i do not blame them or what so ever, as i know this is for our own good 😛 (The actual canoeing on saturday rocks)

My CCA in my secondary school was NCC and i used to think it was very tough and used to pon all the time and run off home. Yes i was a lazy kid in secondary school and i still am. However, i have decided to change for the better this year. I hope to have more determination in doing things, and completing them, and not give up halfway which i what i always kinda do. I hope everyone will be able to help me, and remind me about this whenever i say i feel like giving up.
Recently, i am also been intrigued  by stunt-biking. I find it very cool and hope to one day buy my own stunt-bike and learn to do stunts. The cost of a stunt-bike is rather expensive, and my bank is currently… rather empty 😦 so i guess this goal of mine will have to wait. I currently own a normal mountain bike which i bought only a month back or so. Every saturday evening, i would cycle around Singapore with my friends. It may sound like a wide range, but actually the most i ever cycled was only to west coast from my house in yew tee. (FYI : Cycling is my new found hobby since a month ago, and before that, you can pretty much say i have no life)

A few weeks back, my friend and i was out on our usual cycling when he told me of a path in bukit batok nature park which would be able to reach bukit timah from bukit batok in a short time a.k.a a shortcut. So, we set off to this place. When we arrived at our destination, we found out that in order to reach bukit timah from bukit batok, we would have to get across a hill. Hesitant and tired as we already were, we climbed the steep slopes of the hill and the stairways, which made it impossible to cycle unless we wanted to 1. Die 2. Land in a hospital. So, the choice of walking and climbing was pretty much clear. When we finally reached the exit of the nature reserve, we were met with a slope. Damn, was it steep. The looks of it pretty much terrified me. But of course it also came as a relief after the amount of climbing we had to do. When we went down the slope on our bikes, i can swear that it is almost like a roller coaster ride. The slope was pretty steep so being the kiasi (scared to die) person that i am, i went down the slope with a steady hand pressing on the brakes to slow down my bike’s speed. My friend on the other hand however, being a daredevil, went full speed down the slope. What we did not know was that at the end of the very slope, there was a rather sharp turn, before linking to a cross-junction right outside. As it was the first time we went down the slope, my friend almost flew onto the road when he reached the end. It was a close encounter for him and now we name this bicycle check-point of ours, THE DEATH SLOPE.

(You can see me and my friends check-in to the death slope on fb on saturday or sunday nights :D)

Death Slope : Estimated 300m. Red circle shows the link                                                                                                         of the death slope to the road junction.

Oh my, i guess i should be heading to bath before going to sleep since tomorrow is still a school day. Chao~